About Jamaal

Jamaal Malik Moore is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist. Coming from an artistic background he began his journey into digital art and design in 2006 at a community college in his hometown of Cincinnati, OH. From there he has sought to express himself in new forms including photography, film, and traditional mediums.

Now primarily a painter he creates to unite passion and purpose and seeks to bring more beauty and meaning to life and the world.

Artist Statement

My goal is to inspire the world to look at itself in a different way. The broader goal is to heal, awe, inspire, question everything we do and bring about a new paradigm in which we utilize our power to create a more beautiful world around us.

My inspiration is my experience of life itself and everything that comes with it. I am heavily inspired by hip hop culture because it has remained the one constant theme in my life. Love, art, and beauty know no bounds and that is the spring from which I create my work.